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What can be sealed with Tamperproof?

Try sealing your own secret, or purchase a real, working one on MagicEden.

Gift cards

Sell gift cards more securely. Plus, give customers the freedom to buy, sell, or trade.


Try sealing a custom secret within your very own Tamperproof NFT.


Never get scammed by fake Taylor Swift tickets on Facebook Marketplace again.


Distribute promotions across Web3 user bases like OpenSea and MagicEden.


Seal Starbucks Stars, AMEX points or United Miles into NFTs for resale on the secondary market.


Send documents and files in any format, sealed within an NFT.


Increase engagement by allowing the resale of exclusive restaurant reservations.

Nuclear codes

Benevolent governments... DM us to wrap your launch codes into scary NFTs.

& more

Get creative with our technology! Use tpNFTs for your next marketing campaign.

Trademarks appearing on this site including but not limited to "CHICK-FIL-A", "Tock", "Noma", "DUNKIN'", "Ticketmaster", "Taylor Swift", are property of their respective owners, which do not endorse and are not affiliated with Tamperproof or its promotions.

Bringing Rewards & Prizes On-Chain

Tamperproof is a new blockchain protocol to securely seal and unseal rewards & prizes. If you have a tpNFT, view or unseal it here.

Or purchase a real, working gift card tpNFT on MagicEden.

Try Tamperproof

Or purchase a real, working gift card tpNFT on MagicEden.

Onboarding the next billion users to Web3

Most DeFi & NFT projects are trapped fully on-chain with no connection to the real world.

This has created an insular and exclusive “degen bubble”.

To onboard a billion users, we need more real-world value represented on-chain.

By tokenizing keycodes, we unlock commerce on-chain. Gift cards, coupons, tickets & more can be sealed with Tamperproof for Web3 distribution.

Tamperproof will unlock new opportunities for merchants to create new Web3 native consumer channels.

Tamperproof enables marketers to get creative in a new wave of smart distribution. Bringing codes on-chain unlocks unique campaigns like conditional unlocking and multiplayer game prizes.

How It Works

tpNFT—a protocol for sealing and unsealing codes on-chain

Tamperproof serves as both the protocol and oracle to encrypt and seal a code into an NFT. Sealed tpNFTs are uneditable and unviewable, unless the seal is broken.

Both the holder and the oracle can use their keys to unseal a tpNFT. The act of unsealing will reveal the code and mark the NFT as unsealed on the public ledger.

Or purchase a real, working gift card tpNFT on MagicEden.


Trusted tokens for trusted resale. tpNFTs that are notarized can be trusted on the secondary market.


Solana’s high-speed, low-cost network allows us to democratize the ability for merchants to participate in smart distribution, without hiring a giant tech team. 


Any company will be able to offer oracle & notary services around the Tamperproof protocol.  We envision Ticketmaster notarizing sealed tickets, Tock notarizing reservations, Starbucks notarizing stars, etc.

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